Mark Zancanaro An individual's living space is one of the most intimate expressions of one's life.  It is the direct reflection of its inhabitants' soul.....a manifestation of one's personality and life experiences.  Every aspect of a well designed room has its own story to tell.

My philosophy is to achieve balance at every level----starting with interplay of architecture and interior design, reflected in the balance of scale between the furnishings in a room and with the structure of the room itself.  It doesn't end there.

Equally important is maintaining a balance with the materials used.  Wood works with metal, glass stands out against textiles and stone.  New elements pay homage to antiques.  The organic juxtaposed with the synthetic.  Everything coexisting.

Interior design is a very personal art.  Whether traditional or contemporary, my goal is to create a harmonious environment that is sophisticated, not intimidating.  Refined, yet comfortable.

-Mark Zancanaro
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